Another Reason to Sell your Home in Franklin, TN with The Grumbles Team

Where do you think that the buyer for your property is likely to be looking right now for homes?

According to traffic monitoring research the bulk of online viewers start and return to to get their real estate data. 


We all agree they are on the Internet finding the relevant data to make buying decisions.  The chart to the left shows that half of them spend time searching on as a trusted source.  So wouldn’t you want the agent that sells your home to ENHANCE YOUR LISTING ON that website to make it stand out amongst the others? 

But also consider this, many of the potential home buyers are taking their search on the road, meaning they are searching from a mobile device. has a mobile app for the Droid, iPhone, and Windows Mobile 7 to show all the properties to a potential buyer on the go.  Ask you r listing agent if they showcase your home on mobile sites. 

It is all about getting more eyes on your home. So another reason to SELL YOUR HOME WITH THE GRUMBELS TEAM is that we enhance your listing on the REALTOR.COM website and mobile app.   

What does that even mean, ENHANCED LISTING?


Below is a BASIC listing on  There is no Branding of the agent or company so if the consumer has questions there isn’t an eye-popping way to have them get in contact with the agent.  It doesn’t even allow the virtual tour to be displayed on the site unless an additional fee is paid.    To sell more homes in FRANKLIN, TN the Grumbles Team utilizes ENHANCED LISTINGS.


So now lets talk about the enhancements that The Grumbles Team puts in place to get attention and EYEBALLS ON YOUR HOME!

Notice that on the listings that are enhanced, there is a Yellow Highlighted border, a Pphoto Count Emblazoned graphic, a headline text beneath the address, and the availability to show the office branding.  Can you see how that would draw more clicks?


This is step 1.  Get them to click into the detail page from this search results page.
















The next image shows the detailed results page for a listing.  This is enhanced and it can be compared to the basic listing above.  the key differences are that there is agent and office branding on the page that easily leads the consumer to be in contact with the agent that knows the most about your house, the listing agent.  To create meaningful conversation and move towards a sale.

Enhancements include the personal message from the listing agent below the photographs, the ability to place up to 25 photographs (4 is the basic listing maximum), virtual tour automatically loads into the listing detail page, Request more info requests are fed to the listing agent, enhanced property description field can be utilized to further describe the property, the headline text (just below address) is flashing in with two lines of text).  View these upgrades that we offer to help sell your home.

The images below depict the Mobile App detail screen and search results screen for enhanced listing.


Note above that in the right side photo you can easily distinguish from enhanced vs basic listings.  This is a clear separation in the marketing being done by various agents.  In the image below, the agent and office are branded for easy contact from the consumer to the listing agent.  Those images of the agent and brand and web-links with cell phone contact are not part of the basic package.

The Grumbles Team is ENHANCED, and we ENHANCE your home when we market it for sale.  Contact us at 615-587-5843 to schedule a personal consultation to learn more reasons to Sell your home with The Grumbles Team in Franklin, TN.  We are the listing agents in Franklin, TN.

Oh and by the way, don’t forget social media!  More people visit than any other single website daily, so we showcase your listings on our facebook business page. See bleow for details.


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