Franklin, TN  Real Estate – The TWIN Niche

Some Real Estate Niche markets pick you rather than the other way around.  I didn’t have any say, nobody did really in whether I was going to be born a twin.  That was up to nature and my parents DNA.  However, I seem to have a magnetism in the universe between myself and clients that have a twin in the picture.  After discovering that several of my clients and I had something unique in common, I decided to delve deeper into this issue and explore the

possibilities that are available.

Yes, I am a twin! Yes we look alike, just not as much as this picture shows.  That is photo-shopped for sure! 

This is actually my twin and I a few years back.  I remember back to the double-mint gum ads when I was growing up.  The ones where they always used twins.  Wouldn’t that be awesome as a real estate marketing ad?   A marketing campaign around two for the price of one and service so good you’ll see double.  Only issue I can see up front is we were not named typical twin names.  Mike and Scott just doesn’t ring as well as Tim and Jim, or Billy Ray and Bobby Ray (I am from the south you know).  I suppose the next hurdle is the fact that my twin isn’t in the real estate business.  Easily overcome right? 

However, I have still been able to unconsciously leverage the twin into a niche market. In the past 24 months I have represented at least 2 sets of twins in some shape or another.  I listed a house in Westhaven and after awhile I noticed a photo in her house of her and her twin sister.  In inquired and she was shocked to learn that I too was a twin.  Another client that was referred to me as a buyer came to our initial meeting with her teenage daughters.  That didn’t take long, you guessed it twins again. They were also interested to learn that I was a twin and I really enjoyed the interaction that they had.  I had them taking turns recording the homes that the were seeing on my Flip video recorder and providing voice commentation of the tours.

I can’t wait to see who my next Real Estate Twin encounter will be with.  So if you are a twin in real estate, I’d would like to hear about it in the comments of this blog and if you are a twin looking to buy or sell in and around Franklin, TN give me a call at 615-587-5843 and lets get to work.  After all it is not a coincidence that you ar reading this now. 


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