HUD home Inventory for the week of October 15, 2012


Williamson County HUD Properties can be purchased by the qualified buyer for as little as $100 down payment.  The Grumbles Team has experience is procuring for our clients HUD Properties.  The inventory moves fast so we stay on top of it daily and we can provide you with the latest listings to make great decisions and stop renting and start owning again.

Myths about HUD homes: 

They are all in bad repair.  This is no longer the case some of these homes need little to no repairs and there is escrow funds available for many of the repairs.  The Grumbles team has sold HUD homes that needed nothing at time of move-in except some cleaning.

They are in bad locations.  A HUD home can be in just about any location, a property becomes a HUD based on the backing of the mortgage, so location is not an influencing factor.

They don’t sell homes for $100 down.  Big Myth,The Grumbles Team has had several clients take advantage of this promotion and they did not have to offer full price to get this promotion.


Contact a member of The Grumbles Team today to have a no obligation in office consultation to see if it is time you stop renting and start owning.


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