Looking to buy your first home or your next home in Franklin TN and this process plan will be a great asset to you along the way.


  • Select a member of The Grumbles Team for your Real Estate Professional
    • We will explain Agency in TN. We either work for you or for the seller.
    • We do not charge YOU for our work, we are paid by seller in the sale.
    • We go over our Loyalty Agreement.  Places your needs above our own.
    • We will go over the basic paperwork and process to complete the purchase in our buyer orientation.
  • Speak in detail to a mortgage loan officer.
    • What you can afford?
    • What payment is comfortable for your lifestyle?
    • How is your credit impacting your rate?
    • What are the loan origination expenses?
    • We can recommend a few lenders to speak to and benefits of each.
  • We will listen to your needs and find homes that fit for your specific situation.
    • We use the local MLS, Networking and Social Media to find homes.
  • Home tours are performed.
    • We carry our iPads and can answer detailed questions in the field.
  • A home is selected by the buyer(s) as the home to make an offer on.
    • We will prepare a detailed analysis of the market by price point and area and explain the results to the buyer.  This is to understand the climate of the market.
    • We will prepare a CMA to estimate the range of value for the home.
    • We work hand in hand with the lender you have chosen to get the best funding situation for you in creatively making an offer.  i.e. lowest price or least cash.
    • Buyer decides to pursue an offer on the home.
  • Contract drafted and delivered to the seller or their agent.
    • We utilize the electronic signatures, sign on my pad technology to reduce time and travel for signing.
    • Negotiations performed by our team, who has been trained as Certified Negotiation Experts.
    • Ultimately contract terms are agreed upon.
  • We will gather an Earnest Money check from the buyer to validate the contract.
    • Earnest Money is handled with care and will remain your money as long as the buyer does not default on the terms of the contract.
    • It needs to be liquid funds as the check will be cashed within a few days fo the terms being agreed upon.
  • We will consult with the buyer on selecting a Home Inspector and schedule it with the sellers.
    • Inspectors in TN must be licensed and they expect payment on that day.  The cost is around $300 to $450 for the inspection.
    • We will review the home inspection results and consult on how to proceed.  The options are to accept as it is, ask for repairs, or terminate the offer due to findings.  If terminated then the Earnest Money is returned.
  • Schedule a Termite Inspection
    • Typically this can overlap the home inspection and is a requirement by most lenders.
    • The fee for this is typically under $50 and can be paid on the closing date.
  • We will consult with the buyer if other inspections are required like septic tanks, well water testing, or a survey.
  • Once the inspection contingencies are all cleared, we will inform the lender and the title company.  They will then perform the appraisal and a title search.
    • Appraisal fees vary by lender and how they are paid for also varies, but be prepared to pay for this to the lender.
    • The appraised value may not return a value that is as high as you perceive the property value.  This appraisal is to protect the bank from over extending itself on it’s collateral.  It usually comes back near the contract price if they appraiser sees that the value is there to protect the bank.
  • Our continued communication with the lender will meet the requirements of the contract by providing a commitment letter and inform that the appraisal was ordered the  application process is completed, including any fees.
  • We will communicate about the transfer of utilities as the closing date approaches, so that you do not have a home that you can’t enjoy from day 1.
  • The buyer needs to establish home owners insurance that starts on the closing date.
  • Advise buyer to contact a mover or make plans on moving into the home.
  • A day or so before the closing date, we will have a walk through with the buyer to make sure the property is in the same condition as when we toured it and that the contents are being or have been removed.
  • We will review a preliminary HUD-1 (Closing balance sheet) as soon as we can get it from the title company with instructions from the lender.
    • We will review the cash needed for closing date.
    • We will review the balance sheet against the contract for accuracy.
    • We will explain to you any of the items on the balance sheet to your satisfaction.
    • We will review all of the pro-rations.
    • Ensure that the earnest money shows up as a credit.
  • On closing day (called “closing” as the escrow at the title company is closed) we will be with you at the title company to answer any questions and remain an advocate for your behalf.
  • Our service doesn’t stop at the closing day, so you can always contact us with questions on your home.

This looks like a lot of steps to buying a home, but with The Grumbles Team on your side we do most of the work, and that is why we earn our fee.  After-all, we say that you make the decisions as the brains of the transaction, but we give you our experience and we act as the hands and feet.

Call our team if you have questions about this blog or if you are looking for superior real estate guidance in or around Franklin, TN.


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