So I visited Falls Grove today (September 6th) and I thought I would share with you some of the progress and options on a new floor plan called the Cavanaugh.

Falls Grove Marquee

Marquee completed.   Click any picture to enlarge it.

Lot 153 photo

Lot 153 photo

Typical Falls Grove House

Typical Home in Falls Grove near completion

Falls Grove progress on main road

Current main road is well underway now

Cavanaugh kit cabinets with glass

Cavanaugh has upgraded cabinets, this is an upgrade further to ceiling heigh cabinets and the range hood and glass box cabinets on the top.

Laundry cabinets

This is the upgrade in the laundry room for cabinets and sink


Cavanaugh Rear elevation with Sittign room

The rear elevation when the master bedroom sitting room is added.

Cavanaugh Rear Elevation with covered porch

The above is rear elevation with a rear covered porch

Cavanaugh Rear Elevation - NO PORCH

Above is the rear elevation without a covered porch. (both these last two have no fireplace on the porch wall)


LOT 153 video is below:





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